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Soirée Noir® Huntsville

"The Gathering Place for Black Excellence During Oakwood University's Alumni Weekend."

Event Production, Design, & Activation

Prepare to be captivated by an extraordinary annual event that epitomizes elegance and sophistication – Soirée Noir® Huntsville, presented by the prestigious Andell Brown & Associates Law Offices. This upscale black-tie affair set the stage for an unforgettable evening during Oakwood University's homecoming weekend.

Guests were transported into a world of refined glamour, where achievements were celebrated, connections were forged, and business opportunities blossomed. The air buzzed with excitement as professionals, influencers, and distinguished individuals gathered to revel in the splendor of the occasion.

Against a backdrop of opulent décor and a vibrant atmosphere, Soirée Noir® Huntsville became a hub of inspiration and camaraderie. With every clink of a champagne flute and graceful turn on the dance floor, new connections were made, fostering a network of esteemed individuals who shared a common goal of success.

Andell Brown & Associates Law Offices spared no expense in allowing our PR Agency to curate this remarkable event, leaving attendees in awe of our meticulous planning, attention to detail, and impeccable execution. It was an evening that celebrated achievements, ignited aspirations, and left a lasting impression on all who attended.

Soirée Noir® Huntsville: Where dreams were realized, new horizons were discovered, and the power of connections transformed lives. Raise your glasses to a night of unparalleled elegance, celebration, and endless possibilities.

Deliverables: Event Production - Branding, Marketing, Public Relations, & Event Activation.

Goal: Create an event where Oakwood University’s alums can gather for a black-tie event during the school’s homecoming weekend to celebrate their achievements, network, and make new business connections.


Execution: We planned & produced the event by performing a venue search, negotiated the contracts, handled the logistics and budget, and created the brand identity (via logo design and color palette creation) with a strong marketing strategy that included a digital marketing campaign (event website design, social media marketing and email blasts) grassroots marketing (connecting with locals within the Huntsville area and students coming into the city for the homecoming weekend throughout the US and abroad) and launched it through a successful PR campaign. We also connected the cast members of Oprah Winfrey Network’s hit reality show “Love and Marriage Huntsville” as the event’s collaborators and former Vanguard Award recipients.


Results: A stellar event that captured the essence of the black excellence experience during Oakwood University’s biggest celebration weekend. We shined a light on the achievements of the Andell Brown and Associates Law Offices and brought awareness to the Brown Justice Foundation, which is the 501c3 Non-profit arm of Andell Brown Law Firm.

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