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Rebranding, Marketing, Public Relations, Event Activation, & Interior Design

Andell Brown & Associates Law Offices, a prominent state and federal criminal defense firm based in Aventura, FL, has partnered with our Public Relations agency to elevate their brand image and expand their reach. Through a comprehensive approach encompassing rebranding, marketing strategies, public relations initiatives, and engaging event activations, we aim to strengthen their presence in the legal industry and foster trust among their target audience.

The rebranding efforts focused on refreshing Andell Brown & Associates' visual identity, color scheme, and overall brand aesthetics. By modernizing their branding elements, we created a more compelling and contemporary image that resonates with their clientele and distinguishes them from competitors.

Our marketing strategies leverage a multi-channel approach to increase brand awareness and generate leads for the firm. We developed a tailored marketing plan encompassing digital advertising, social media campaigns, and content marketing. By strategically targeting potential clients and engaging them through various online platforms, we have driven traffic to their website and positioned Andell Brown & Associates as a trusted authority in criminal defense law.

We proactively engage with media outlets, both traditional and digital, to secure media coverage and press releases highlighting the firm's expertise, accomplishments, and notable cases. By positioning the firm's attorneys as subject matter experts through thought leadership awards, interviews, and speaking opportunities, we have enhanced their credibility and visibility in the legal community. To foster meaningful connections and establish a personal touch, we have organized and executed engaging event activations for Andell Brown & Associates. 

By providing comprehensive rebranding, marketing, public relations, and event activation services, our Public Relations agency aims to continue to elevate Andell Brown & Associates Law Offices' brand profile, increase their client base, and position them as the go-to criminal defense firm in Aventura, FL, and beyond.

Deliverables: Business Development - Rebranding, Website Design, Marketing, Public Relations, Event Activation, & Interior Design.

Goals: Revamp the Andell Brown and Associates Law Offices brand and attorney Andell Brown's image with a modern appearance encompassing the firm's established reputation of prestige, sophistication, and reliability.


Execution: We revamped the firm's brand & messaging to be consistent across all platforms by updating and managing a newly designed website, creating a social media calendar, and marketing collateral. In addition, we scheduled a commercial video shoot for the law firm, which was a part of the marketing campaign. We also redesigned the office's main wall, interior office marquee signage, and the waiting room wall design to reflect the brand's image & restructured the internal business. For Attorney Brown's personal brand: We scheduled a photo shoot, performed a well-crafted media kit, created a separate website with hyperlinks, submitted him for professional awards, and, lastly, organized community and media appearances.


Results: We are the agency of record for the Andell Brown & Associates Law Offices and Attorney Andell K. Brown, Esq. We plan and produce all of the law firm's special events. In addition, we established a solid digital presence for Attorney Brown with brand consistency and streamlined navigation throughout his preferred digital platforms.

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