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Powered by Rolex Luxury Swiss Boutique & Berluti Paris

Event Production & Event Activation

We hosted an exclusive and luxurious affair in the heart of Miami's Design District in partnership with Berluti Paris and Rolex Luxury Swiss Boutique. Guests were treated to an extraordinary experience as Berluti flew in their esteemed Shoemaker from Paris, France, providing a rare and fascinating opportunity to witness the intricate process of crafting bespoke men's shoes. In a captivating display, attendees had the privilege of observing the Shoemaker's skill and expertise, gaining firsthand insight into the meticulous artistry and craftsmanship behind each pair.


Amidst the exquisitely curated setting, Berluti showcased their finest leather goods, including their iconic shoes, accessories, and meticulously tailored menswear. The timeless elegance and attention to detail that have made Berluti a symbol of refined luxury were on full display, captivating guests with their exceptional quality.

Complementing this remarkable showcase, the Rolex Luxury Swiss Boutique presented an array of timeless pieces featuring their legendary collection of precision-crafted timepieces. Each watch was a testament to the enduring beauty and exceptional craftsmanship that have defined Rolex for generations, leaving guests in awe. As attendees explored the event, they indulged in champagne and savored delectable hors d'oeuvres prepared by renowned chefs, enhancing the atmosphere of luxury and refinement.

The evening truly celebrated art, style, and craftsmanship, with Berluti Paris and Rolex Luxury Swiss Boutique joining forces to create an unforgettable experience. The flown-in Shoemaker from Paris provided an exclusive glimpse into the intricate process of crafting bespoke men's shoes. At the same time, Rolex's timeless collection added a touch of horological excellence to the event.


The event was by invitation only. Guests were requested to RSVP to secure their place at this exclusive affair, where they had the privilege of witnessing the Berluti Shoemaker in action and exploring the extraordinary collection of timeless timepieces from Rolex Luxury Swiss Boutique.

Deliverables: Event Production: Event Branding, Event Marketing, & Event Activation


Goal: To produce an upscale event that merges two classical brands (Rolex Luxury Swizz & Berluti Paris) in an engaging, intimate soiree that tells the craftsmanship story of Berluti Paris' Bespoke men's shoes & the history behind the timeless pieces of Rolex watch design.


Execution: Our agency created, developed, and produced the event at the Berluti store in the Miami Design District, and the merging of two brands that showcased the modern aristocratic man and where he would shop, which displays his style for fashion and his graceful nature. We connected the key decision-makers within each company to collaborate and attend the event. In addition, we worked with the brands to create an intimate guest list of international professionals in the luxury industry.


Results: An exquisite signature event that housed industry professionals in one location to witness the display of the aristocratic modern man's taste in fashion in an inviting atmosphere that boasts sophistication, class, and an appreciation for luxury living.

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